NTB Tag & Title
Our Products and Services

Providing Tag & Title Service For Maryland

  1. Same Day: 30 Day Inspection Tag
    If you need registration plates in order to obtain a vehicle safety inspection, NTB Tag & Title will supply you with a 30-day temporary registration on the same day.
  2. New Tag & Title Work
    NTB Tag & Title can take care of all your Auto Tag & Title Registration needs.
  3. Same Day Sticker Renewal
    NTB Tag & Title will supply you with immediate renewal stickers & registration for one or two years.
  4. Replacement Tags & Registration Card
    If your Maryland car registration or tag has been lost, stolen or destroyed, NTB Tag & Title will replace it immediately for you.
  5. Duplicate Titles
    NTB Tag & Title can supply you with a duplicate title for any reason you may need it.
  6. Tag Return
    NTB Title & Tag is a certified return center for your Maryland State MVA tags and we provide a receipt for your insurance company.
  7. Change Of Address
    If you moved to a new address within Maryland, NTB Tag & Title will submit your request to the MVA.
  8. Motorcycle & Trailer Tags
    Did you recently purchase a motorcycle or trailer? NTB can provide tags for your motorcycle or trailer the same day.
  9. Bay & Agricultural Tags
    Stand out from the crowd and help support Maryland with Bay or Agricultural Tags.
  10. Historic & Street Rod Tags
    We can supply you with Historic Or Street Rod Tags for your vehicle!
  11. Dealer & Fleet Work
    NTB Tag & Title can provide many services to Car Dealers & Company's needing fleet tags. Please call for services and pricing.
  12. Tow Truck Tag & Title
    We can provide tag's & title work. Same day service for trucks and tow trucks.
  13. Title Corrections
    NTB Tag & Title will assist you with any corrections you need made to your Title.
  14. Driving Records
    We have access to all Maryland driving records and can supply them, having you in and out the door in minutes.
  15. Vanity & Organizational Plates
    NTB Tag & Title can supply you with Vanity & Organizational Plates.